The Centre (Acts 1-2)

I am inspired today by how the disciples get up and get on with life. They don’t sit around discussing whether or not to actually believe this and that or whether they should be teaching A or B (well maybe they did, but if they did Luke didn’t think it important). Instead, they got together, elected another disciple, and sought out what Jesus promised them (the Holy Spirit).

Even in times when it would have been oh so easy to just focus on what exactly just happened, they move on with what needs to be done. I find myself getting distracted all the time from things I should be doing. I can’t even write a blog post without opening Facebook about 10 times, even though absolutely nothing changed from the last time I was on. The disciples instead take steps forward into the next stages of Christianity.

The point  being that when we focus on God and direct our lives according to that, we end up doing a lot better. Centring life around Jesus isn’t exactly easy, but it is wholly possible. We have to continue to take steps forward instead of hanging on for dear life where we are right now.

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