Q: What is Padigrumae/what does it mean/how do you pronounce it?

A: Padigrumae (Pah-DIE-grew-may) is a combination of the phonetic spellings of three Japanese words. (My friends and I all had a nickname like this in grade school.) The words are “apple pie”, “panda”, and “I’m sorry”. They don’t quite hold the same significance now as they did to my 14 year old self, but I still do make a mean apple pie. I use this as a screen name since it’s guaranteed to not be in use!

Q: Is this all you’ve written?

A: Mostly….but if you’re really into my writings (well thanks!), you can find a few other posts I’ve done here and here. I even wrote for my church once here.

Q: Can I ask you a question?

A. Fo shizzle. If you have any questions or want to dialogue about something feel free to shoot me a message!

Q: You mention God a lot, is it safe to assume you’re a Christian?

A: In a nutshell, yes. I grew up believing all that & my dad is a pastor, but I also grew up being allowed to ask questions. This blog is where I’ve chosen to publicly vocalize what I learn and wrestle with in my life – but a belief in God & Jesus as recorded in the Bible is a foundation I always return to. More questions about all of that & my faith journey can be directed to me privately…you might even inspire me to write more about it.

Q: Can I find you on other social medias?

A: Since I’m the only Padigrumae out there, have at ‘er. Also there are links in the pull out menu!

Q: What is “Allan’s Bootcamp”?

A: In May 9, 2013, I was as part of a discipleship group for the summer. It was led by a man named Allan (who coincidentally went on to marry my BFF), and so we nicknamed the group “Allan’s Bootcamp”. Part of it consisted of a reading plan & blog post daily of which I completed 113 days of. As you can imagine, it  was really hard to keep up with. I’ve kept the posts & categorized them as Allan’s Bootcamp, So if you’re interested in some thoughts I had while reading through most of the NT that summer, check it out!