Action (Acts 3-4)

I never consider the fact that the early church may have been afraid. I look at everything that happened and think they must have been fearless, just going after what God wanted. But if they were fearless, why did they have to pray for boldness? I always have to remind myself that they were people just like me, but that they believed in a God just like me too.

I’ve been reading a lot lately (fiction), and one characteristic I’ve noted in the stories that occurs in basically every hero and heroine is the ability to act upon what they believe in. Most often, it is their actions in response to things that set them apart from everyone else. Do my actions set me apart from everyone else? Probably not, but they should.

I have to ask myself if the way I respond to things is God guided or self guided. Am I really actually trying to make decisions and act upon what I know he wants, or am I just writing about it and living my life in a completely different way? Things to think about today.

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