Bigger Picture (Luke 23-24)

It’s crazy what some people will do to save their own skin. However, despite the torture, mockery, and pain inflicted on Jesus during his death, he still managed to reconcile leaders and convince people that he was the son of God. So the Pharisees lost completely in their quest for maintaining their power, and God won in managing to bring more glory to himself. God 1 Pharisees 0

At the end of chapter 24, Luke writes about how the minds of the disciples were opened to the scriptures and that then they understood everything that happened.  I’ve written before on how ridiculous it seemed that the disciples didn’t really get it before, but at the same time it was probably best this way. Can you imagine knowing that the person you follow is actually going to die? I would have significant problems with that. But after he’s died and come back to life it is much easier to swallow, if you can swallow the whole coming back to life thing. God 1 Disciples 0

Both of these things serve as a reminder to me today that God’s plan is way bigger than my plan. There is so much more “rightness” about how God’s plan played out than how the people then thought it should, and I bet in 10 years I’ll look back on this part of my life and say the same thing. Because in my tally I started before, it’s really God ∞ Everyone else 0. I mean, who else could accomplish all that in dying and THEN come back to life and do more?

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