About Padigrumae

I’m a young 20 something trying to work out my thoughts and growth through words. I hope that something you find here helps you. But if not at least i hope you can laugh at the silliness of some of the things I ramble on about. I can’t promise completely formed thoughts or that everything will be 100% doctrinally sound to everyone, but I’ll try really hard. This is just me, and my journey. The words of man do a very poor job of describing the splendor and beauty of God.

“The shadow proves the sunshine” – Switchfoot

If you’re really into my writings (well thanks!), you can find a few others here and here. I even wrote for my church once here. If you have any questions or want to dialogue about something feel free to shoot me a message!

FAQ: Padigrumae (Pah-DIE-grew-may) is a combination of the phonetic spellings of three Japanese words. (My friends and I all had a nickname like this in grade school.) The words are “apple pie”, “panda”, and “I’m sorry”. To me, they tie together a good thing, a fun thing, and repentance.


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