Faith Fruit (Galatians 5-6)

Finishing up his letter, Paul reiterates how we are set free in Christ and goes on to explain a few aspects of living by the spirit. The first is the fruit of the spirit (I honestly still think of a fruit basket with names on the fruits…). This is always a sharp reminder to me that as one filled with the spirit, I should be demonstrating these fruits as I continue to grow. It’s super easy to slide through what I’m not supposed to do, and then just kind of skip around all the traits we’re supposed to be striving to see cultivated in our lives.

Chapter 6 has many thoughts in it, but all relies on the main fact that we are saved through faith in Jesus. Lately I’ve really been thinking about the concept of faith and being united in the Spirit and what the means. I am constantly being amazed at the process of how we become children of God. It just blows my mind that that love and salvation can exist and that it is for me!

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