Heirs in Faith (Galatians 3-4)

So while I was reading today, the “Father Abraham” song was playing on repeat in my head…which was kind of distracting.

This passage speaks a lot about how we are A. heirs in Christ, and that this is B. through faith, not the law. It is fitting to be reading this after finishing Matthew, as now we begin to learn about the results of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. As a result of this and of the Spirit, we all become heirs, or rather, we all become united. It has nothing to do with how well we followed the law. It is comforting to read and understand that it is by nothing that we do that we become sons and heirs, and instead through faith. I especially found the parallel to Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar interesting (clearly I missed that last time around), having never fully considered the implications of being saved through faith counting us as sons of Abraham through Sarah. I guess part of me feels bad for Hagar? Either way, praise God that we have been saved from slavery and have entered into freedom in Christ Jesus!

This passage left me with quite a bit to digest, and I don’t really want to share incorrect truths, so for that reason, this is where I leave you :]

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