Rest Through Christ (Hebrews 3-4)

Rest is a wonderful thing. And God has invited us to come and join his rest. However, it is because of Jesus that we are even able to do so. Jesus is greater than angels, as discussed yesterday, but he is also greater than Moses, as discussed today. And even though we turn away, just as the Israelites did from God during the time of Moses, we still have an opportunity to approach God. As the author puts it, we have a great high priest. Instead of the priests God set up, beginning with Aaron, we have Jesus. Jesus who knows what we are going through because he has experienced it.

And yet, do we keep this greatness to ourselves? Or do we continue to bring the good news to others that they too may enter this rest won for us by Christ Jesus. Not that we cause them to enter by any means, but that God may work through us to reach those whom he loves.


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