Bread of Life (John 5-6)

Jesus talks a lot in these chapters, and about a lot of things. Today, though, the parts about being the bread of life stand out to me.

Something I’ve learned, being at camp, is that time in the presence of Jesus through reading or praying can literally make or break a day. I could tell when I was “hungry” from not spending time with him, and I’ve experienced the unexplainable peace and joy that can come from it. I wish I were better at applying that lesson more in my day to day life.

As Peter aptly says, “to whom shall we go?” (6:68). Where else can we go? There is nothing else that can satisfy like Christ can. It isn’t that life with Christ is without cares or problems, it is that we have one who will walk along side us and carry our burdens when we are too weak to carry on.

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