On the night of this January 1, I’m reflecting on everything that has happened.

ok, thats a lie. I’m going to do that on Friday maybe …

However, I did want to share this song that I heard recently. My favourite Youtube channel is Blimey Cow. I have literally watched every single video twice, and I show it to pretty much everyone I can. Then I was a stellar genius and remembered I have twitter so I can follow them.

Anyway, they tweeted about this one song by Pompton Lakes.  I don’t usually follow links for things, but I did on this one occasion. It was oddly the perfect thing for what I needed to hear on that day. You’ll notice I haven’t written in a while; and while I deeply regret that, it couldn’t be helped. I plan on writing more about it later, but I had reached a point in my semester/year where everything added up and I was at my wits end, end of the wick, hanging onto a thread, or however else you want to put it.

Most people didn’t believe that I was having as much trouble as I was, which just made it worse. I needed rest, and this song speaks of the rest and comfort that I can find in Christ. My soul can find rest in Christ alone.

Rest can be one of the hardest things for us to find sometimes. There is so much stimulation and quickness of pace in society, and it is all to easy to assume that we can do something all on our own. But true rest is only found in one place. Yes, it can be hard to realize and accept, but the rest is there for the taking. The peace that comes with knowing Christ is something that cannot be replaced with anything else.

So, without further ado, Rest – Pompton Lakes.