Little Things or Big Things?

The other day I wrote a letter. (Side note: This is actually a regular occurrence. I find that expressing myself in a written form is a lot easier than verbally. Also, it lasts longer and I can be fairly sure the person receives it. As an added bonus, its a surprise for the person who gets it)

This letter was to someone I usually write to, but I hadn’t recently because of school overload. It wasn’t a “God told me I need to write this letter” kind of letter. It was more of a “this has been on my to do list for way too long, so I’m going to get’er done” type of letter.

However, when I talked to the person who received the letter, it happened to be exactly what they had been needing and praying for. I was astounded that something I hadn’t thought was going to be a big deal turned out to be a huge one. This little, simple thing was used by God to make something big. It was so easy to see God in it because there is no way I could have planned it myself.

So the point to my story …

It is so easy to forget that God has a plan for my life, and that it is good. It’s easier to just live mundanely … but God doesn’t want us to life an ordinary life. I have been listening to some Eric Ludy sermons, and he has been talking about how we can “Dare to Ask for More in our lives. Life with God should be a beautiful story that makes you excited to get up every morning – not something that makes us tired or depressed.

If he can make something that is so little and ordinary turn into something that is extra-ordinary, then why can’t he do the same with everything in my life, if I let him have access to it? The more I open my life to him and allow him to take over, the more my life will exude his love, faith, peace, and joy to those around me. To coin a familiar phrase, “more of him and less of me”.

Are you satisfied with your life, or do you think there could be more to it?