Evangelism (Romans 9-10)

God is just. All the time he is just. And he has made us to fulfil the purposes he has called us to fill. This passage isn’t exactly the easiest of them all to swallow. Chapter 9 reminds us that it is purely God’s will that saves, and follows up in chapter 10 with the need for evangelism. I was talking with someone about this recently, and how these two concepts match up. Yes, we are to evangelise, because if we don’t tell them, who will? But also, because it is God working through us, it is not upon us to save people. Tell, yes. But save, no. That rests on God and releases us from any anxiety that we did it wrong at the time.


Working for the Harvest (Matthew 9-10)

This month my church has been Praying for the Harvest along with a bunch of other churches across Canada, so I wasn’t surprised that the passages about said harvest stood out to me today.

I think what gets me about Matthew 9:35-38 is just that it comes after all these amazing things Jesus is doing. It’s like he does all this amazing stuff, then turns and looks at his disciples and goes “Your turn.” He says the harvest is “plentiful”, and I guess they could see that clearly with the crowds following him. But then they’re supposed to pray for more labourers (disciples) to come and continue to preach the gospel to the people. The elevation of prayer as work is a reminder that prayer is an important aspect of my day, not just something that can be breezed over.

Then the disciples are sent out to actually work the harvest. This whole part is permeated with how hard it will be to preach the gospel to people. They aren’t supposed to bring anything with them. As someone who carries around a lot of things just in case (its the camp counsellor inside me, sorry), I would probably be the person with an overfull hikers backpack getting ready to head out who Jesus walked up to and said “Hand it over,” to.

We, joining the harvest, are promised to be provided for to fit our needs, even to the point of the words to say when under persecution. It reminds me of Moses and how he was afraid to speak to Pharaoh, even though God was with him, so he had Aaron come along to do the talking for him. I don’t like talking to people, so the promise of the words to say are comforting.

When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. (Matthew 10:19)

Some things that I never noted in this passage before was 1. that not all the towns in Israel would hear the gospel before the Son of Man came. I’m not really sure if that correlates to telling the world before the second coming, or just to the death and resurrection, and 2. the disciples were sent out only among the lost sheep the first time around. I find it interesting that only Jews were targeted during these outings, since the saving grace of Jesus is extended to Gentiles like me. It makes sense, since he came as the promised Messiah for the Jews, I just never noted that before.

Walking away from today’s readings, I continue my prayer to be able to see the harvest around me, and to be burdened with compassion on them as Jesus was. Being complacent in evangelism opportunities (or being afraid) is something I personally am trying to work on, as it goes completely out of my comfort zone. Would you pray with me that we see the harvest around us and at Ryerson, and that we would actively work towards harvesting it?

There are so many things I didn’t comment on – the calling of Matthew (beautiful story), Fasting, miracles, no fear and dividing families … but this is what stood out to me right now.

Camp Update Number One?

Well hello there all, It has been a while as I was thinming since I had a little time off that I would do a quick little update. It won’t be very long or in depth as I’m rushed for time, but here it goes.

The last few weeks have been testing to say the least. I’ve been thrown into new situations (did Day Camps for training instead of being trained … that’s always a fun thing!) and then getting new cos i didn’t really(or actually) know. But nonetheless, it has been good. I have had to rely on God more than I used to, and it has forced me to be confidant in who I am, and in what I want to do.

I recently tried a new illustration with the gospel with my cabin of girls this week. I used a hard boiled egg and wrote the sins they named on it. Then we peeled the egg and talked about how it was better than it was before we wrote the sins on it because it was soft and ready to eat. THe hard shell was white, but the egg still wasn’t able to be used for anything.

The girls loved it, but reflecting on it, I realized that this is sort of what God has been teaching me through these last 3 weeks working at camp. As a soft egg with my outter shell gone, yes I am vulnerable, but I am able to be used to do great things for God now, if I let him. This means that I might be put in an egg salad sandwich or maybe be turned into a deviled egg, or perhaps be a part of a potato salad, but regardless of where I’m put, I will be used to do something good. It might be hard, I might get cut up, I might feel as though I’m being used and walked over, but in the end I will be able to look back and see the lovely traces behind me that let me to where I am today. Or that day in the future I’m looking back. I’m not sure what tense to use there …. oh well.

And now I sign off, time to go take a nap before more kids start arriving for me to watch :]