Every Moment (Titus 1-2)

Basically how we should be interacting with each other at all times. I like how chapter 2 (I’m not getting into roles here) gives ways for everyone to be in discipleship/mentor relationships. Paul has this vision in his mind for how the church was going to function. It is a self-sustaining, multiplying entity. And the best part is that through the different functioning parts glory is given to God. Because, really, that is the end goal of basically anything we do.

It’s easy to forget that everything we do is for God. All the things that we do should be to serve him. This is something that has been standing out a lot for me as I read Paul’s letters. He was completely connected to God, and everything he did related back to his relationship with God and how he was saved through Christ. It was a constant, present knowledge that he needed God in every moment, and that every moment belonged to God.


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