In Closing … (Romans 15-16)

And finishing up the essay…Paul again focuses on – you guessed it! – the gospel. I like reading Paul’s letters in that it always always always reminds me of how we must constantly be focussing on Christ in everything we do. He is the reason for all things. Also Paul’s anguish and desire to share the gospel with everyone he meets.

I also kind of like reading Paul’s personal greetings and plans. He talks a great talk when he writes his letters, but when he references his actions, you can see that there is some definite walking the walk going on as well. It makes the lines he throws in about working together and obeying that much more desirable to put into action.

And, appropriately, the doxology finishes on the glory of God, who is the centre of all things. There is a sense of satisfaction when the letter is completed. It’s a good feeling.


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