Dead to Sin (Romans 5-6)

And now we can move into the joy and peace we have through faith and the reconciliation Christ won for us. My standout in chapter 5 is verses 6-8. First off, it was at the right time that Christ died. There was no better or more perfect time than the moment that he died. Secondly, he did it for sinners. Not righteous people, nor good people, but sinners. People who deserved it least, and would move you to pity the least.

The beautiful part is that through this, we are dead to sin. Sin isn’t dead, but we are dead to it. Instead, we are alive in Christ! We do not continue to walk in a sinful lifestyle, but instead strive to imitate Christ. There is grace there for us, but that itself is not reason to continue to live the same way we used to. The new life we are given is reason enough to push forwards.

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