Thoughts and Tangents (John 11-12)

I hope that I am able to have the faith of Martha. I get that everyone tells us to be Marys and learn how to sit and rest and stuff, but I would like to have a story like Martha who learns and grows in her faith over time. I would like to be able to grow to have faith to both believe and trust that God can do anything he pleases.

Point to ponder: technically the Pharisees were doing the will of God, even though they understood it to be something different. God uses everyone in his master plan, whether they know it or not.

Also, darn John and his non chronological order business.

It confuses me how people can choose to still look at the negative side of all of this. They want to kill Lazarus, they go run off and tattle to the Pharisees… He does his triumphal entry and all these signs, and they are hardened. Some believe, but some don’t. I guess that’s the way it is … but it just seems so odd at this point in the narrative for people to still be turning away from the one who came to save

Also also, another side rant, what is with this fear of the Jewish leaders business? I realize that they could exile you from your entire community and they had a huge amount of power and stuff … but like … come onnnn.

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