The Shepherd Messiah (John 9-10)

John is continually using these “light of the world” and “bread/water of life” references. He seems to be trying to make a point here…

The more Jesus does and says, as John forms his argument for Christ, there seems to be no real alternatives for who Jesus is. He keeps shutting down the demon concept, but he isn’t just a normal man either. I’m running out of alternatives that he could be other than the Son of God.

Also, I love the imagery of a shepherd taking care of his sheep (probably because I feel like sheep half the time, blindly blundering around not actually knowing where to go). How lucky that that I have a shepherd who calls out to me and leads me in the right direction! He knows us, and we know his voice, and “no one will snatch [us] from [his] hand.” (10:28).


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