The Last Instructions (John 13-14)

I see the caring side of Jesus in these chapters. First off, he shows incredible humility in washing all the disciples feet – even that of Judas. He sets the example of serving one another and then instructs his disciples, and us by extension, to serve each other. These last commandments he is giving benefit our lives and relationships deeply.

Moving on, he continues to lovingly press his points. Love on another. Do not be troubled or afraid just because you don’t know where I’m going. And then he promises the Holy Spirit, a helper to be with them always.

Even though I’m pretty sure if I was Jesus I would have been freaking out right about now, he puts himself and his problems away, and instead cares for those who need his gentle reminders. Who else does that? The more John unfolds his story, the more appealing Jesus becomes. It literally is like he is the perfect person.

As a side note, sometimes I think the disciples are dumb. I mean, he said the one he gave the bread to would betray him. Duh?

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