Testimonies (Acts 25-26)

I love reading Paul’s testimony. I think it is a great example for us when we share ours. He tells his story, but he relates it completely to God. How fantastic is that? He is able to share the news of the salvation of Christ though telling his story. I feel like all of our testimonies should be like that. While we try to, we sometimes end up focusing on the bad things that we did or how horrible we were before we knew Jesus. But the point of our testimony is to tell other people about Jesus. So why isn’t HE our focus?

Well I think it’s because we are shallow, incomplete humans. But God loves us anyway. and we can continue to proclaim the love and saving grace of Christ, even if it means other people think we’re completely out of our minds. All the better! Apparently that means we’re doing it right 🙂


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