Jumping In (John 1-2)

Excited to be starting a new book!

I think it is cool how John sets up his first two chapters to tell us that Jesus is the one we have been (supposedly) looking and waiting for. No wasting time, he jumps right in. He was there in the beginning, John the Baptist prepared the way, Phillip and Nathanael had been looking and believed, his first miracle resulted in belief, and he protects the temple as his father’s (and cue OT reference). I am excited to read John looking through the lens of proving that this is the messiah to unbelievers. Trying to read it as the audience it was meant for will hopefully shed new light on the whole scenario (also John is what we have been doing in our morning devos at camp so yay coincidences!)

It is also important to note that John throws chronological order out the window. I like this guy already.

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