3 Observations (Acts 17-18)

3 Observations:

  1. I love how Paul is able to tailor his messages to the people he is talking to. In this case, he uses the “unknown God” to help the recipients of the gospel to understand the message. It is a reminder to me as i share with kids every day that you can make it easier for them to understand by relating it to them. It makes it more meaningful to them than a bunch of senseless words.
  2. This is more of a side comment, but the more I read in the NT, the more pieces that jump out at me that point towards the concept of predestination.
  3. Friends in service are a blessing. I really like the way that Priscilla and Aquila demonstrate what it looks like to operate as a unit in serving Christ. They both serve Paul and bless him (yay for relational beings!) and they also both together help to teach the Gospel. Supporting each other and, I like to think, complimenting each other in what they do.

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