Who is Man? (Acts 7-8)

While Stephen’s speech enraged those listening, I can’t help but be struck by the greatness of God’s plan. reading the condensed versions of the history of Israel brings out the way that God led his people. And when reading I remember the stories, and I also remember that during those times, not everyone understood what was happening. Indeed, sometimes even the leaders of the time were confused. But what is man compared to the greatness of God?

Even into chapter 8, it can be hard to see the point in God doing things the way he did. I mean, Phillip experiencing teleportation is pretty sweet, but I don’t know why it was done. However, I do know that in the great picture of the history of the world and God’s people, it makes sense. Somehow.

In the same way, I don’t fully understand everything that happens in my own life, but I know that it would make sense if I could see it the way God did. Because who am I to question it?


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