Unique Serving (Acts 5-6)

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Ananias and Sapphira had kept some back and not lied about it. Alas.

The choosing of the seven to serve in chapter 6 reminds me of how Paul in some of his letters talked about building the body of Christ and how we are all called to do different things. At first glance, it can be interpreted that the apostles were a little arrogant, thinking they shouldn’t be wasting time doing these other things. However, those chosen to serve weren’t just run of the mill people. They chose ones who were also strong in faith. So on a second glance, it is seen more that people are chosen to do different things. They are all important, but some people were just better at certain things.

The one thing they all had in common, besides their belief, was their willingness and desire to server. Doing any of these jobs (spreading the gospel, tending the poor and widowed, etc.) require a mindset of servitude, not self-serving. What a double reminder that we can do what we are called to do so long as we act from a serving spirit!

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