Heart Matters (Luke 13-14)

Whenever I think of the instances that I “sat in the lower seat”, I don’t recall being asked to be moved up very often, nor do I recall doing it with a very wholesome heart most times. I always get in my own way when I try to do things. Selflessness is something I wish I had more of…but when I try and put it to use, I know in my heart I’m being more selfish than selfless. Matters of the heart always seem to be the hardest to deal with, and yet they also seem to be some of the more important issues. How do you live a humble life inwardly and outwardly? We ask for a change of heart. It never comes easy, but in the end it’s worth it. It’s sort of like when we would pray for patience at camp and proceed to have the worst week ever. But in the end, we sure did have more patience the next week. Asking for a humble heart is hard because we have to be broken to be humble. Being broken can hurt, but having faith that God knows what he’s doing and is in control of everything is the important part. Our hearts? Our hearts matter.

Side note: back then it seemed that a majority of the illnesses and disabilities were blamed on unclean spirits … does that hold true today or not? Interesting concept … can demons change your genetic make-up? Question to ask once I get to heaven since it probably won’t be addressed in my lifetime.


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