A pretty cool dude (Luke 19-20)

Jesus is a pretty cool dude. I mean, he’s God’s son and all, but he displays so many emotions and traits that I just find pretty fantastic. First off, he has a great way with words (words are dear to my heart). So much so, he that the Sadducees just stop asking questions. I like to pretend that I’m good with words, but Jesus is much better.

He’s also patient. By this point in time, I would probably be yelling at the crowds “PAY TAXES TO CAESAR, GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST. DON’T YOU GUYS GET ANYTHING?” or something like that. But Jesus continues to have patience and explain things. He tells stories to let them glean the important bits and learn themselves, and he instructs them.

He is forgiving and loving. He gives Zacchaeus a chance when no one else would. I don’t know that I have that much forgiveness. But Jesus did. He extended a loving hand, and it resulted in pretty cool things.

He weeps. He cares enough for Jerusalem’s lost future that he weeps. I like that my God weeps. He feels sorrow. I think that means it’s ok that I feel sad sometimes too, as long as I continue to move forward in the light.

Overall, Jesus was a pretty cool dude. So what does that mean for me? Well for starters, I don’t have to be ashamed of him (which would in turn mean I stand UP for him in life). I also know that he is worthy of the life I have. He deserves more than I can give, but he is oh so worthy of everything I am, was, and will be.

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