Following when Rejected (Luke 3-4)

So Jesus goes to his hometown, reads from Isaiah that he is going to fulfill the scriptures, his hometown scoffs and kicks him out, and then he proceeds to fulfill these things in every other place he goes to. He tells the poor, sets captives free, gives sight to the blind, etc.

I think a lot of people can relate to Jesus here. I mean, none of us have ever gone out and said we’re the Messiah and we’re going to perform a bunch of miracles and save everyone (at least I hope not), but we may have been turned down by people we know. I have a hard enough time realizing that my sisters are older and can actually do stuff now, so I imagine it’s just as hard for other people to realize the same thing. Just as Jesus bridged the gap between his life before and after he started his ministry, we too have to find some way to navigate this path when we try to follow the calling we believe he has placed on our lives. It isn’t easy to follow sometimes, and go against what other people think, but it’s right. Sometimes following means turning away from everyone you know and going somewhere else.

Regardless, I think that an interesting lesson can be learned here in 1. How amazing Jesus was to just leave Nazareth when he knew he could save them, and 2. How sometimes life can be hard when you follow God, but you still must do his bidding.

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