Un-needed Defence (2 Corinthians 11-12)

It kills me that Paul – Paul, one of the greatest evangelists of his time – had to defend himself. People were doubting his authority and his strength in Christ based on a few criteria. I look at what he did, and I wonder how these people could have been so mislead as to think he wasn’t as good as some other disciples.

Then I realize I do the same thing today. There are still sets of attributes/achievements, that aren’t necessarily necessary, that we look for in people (how was that for an alliteration). But we are all gifted in different ways. Some of us are just not meant to do certain things. Just because someone isn’t using their beautiful voice to lead a worship band doesn’t mean they aren’t using it to glorify God. Just like how Paul talks about the body of Christ in other parts of his letters – we have different things that we can do for the kingdom. We shouldn’t have to defend our actions if we are glorifying God. I firmly believe that the manifestation of the spirit will look slightly different in everyone. There will be some similar things, but we will still be different. And in the things that we may not be super good at, God can still be glorified (in my weakness made strong!).


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