Saved from the Cause (Mark 1-2)

Well, unlike in Matthew, Mark just jumps right into the thick of things. Chapter 1 is like a synopsis of “the early years” and then starts right in on the miracles and ministry.

Today I taught in Sunday School about how the judges (In Judges) could only save the Israelites from the “consequence of their sins, not the cause” (aka temporarily deliver them from bondage, not permanently give salvation/forgiveness). In this reading, we see Jesus, who can save from the cause – he can forgive our sins and make us whole (and paralytics walk)!

Chapter 2 also shows a lot of things Jesus did that other people didn’t like. The author is interestingly setting up the public views of Jesus in the beginning, and it will be interesting to watch how public opinions (disciples, crowds, and religious leaders) change and grow throughout Mark.

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