Humble Living (Philippians 3-4)

Starting out chapter 3, Paul talks about how he counts everything he has achieved in his life as nothing, instead counting it as rubbish (original Greek is actually referring to dung … as if it wasn’t a graphic enough illustration in the first place!) and instead focusing on the identity he has in Christ. It is a stark reminder that we too should not purely find solace in our accomplishments in life (which, I’ll be honest, is extremely hard for me) but instead look past them to the life we have in Christ.

Continuing on, he talks about imitating him as he imitates Christ. What gets me the most, I think, is the humility that Paul uses when talking. I don’t exactly feel like he’s boasting in his great faithfulness, but instead actually taking on the humble nature of Christ he talked about in Chapter 2.

Onto chapter 4, I really can’t think of a more encouraging and challenging passage than verses 4-9. These were meditating passages for me at camp quite often, searching for the peace that surpasses understanding in the chaos of 12 screaming 8 year olds. Not only that, but just the concepts of dwelling on what is good – which is food for though at any given day during the week.

So let’s chew on that one.

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