Uhhh…Do I Know You? (Matthew 25-26)

I pretty much wanted to ask that question every week last summer. I wish I remembered everyone I’ve ever had at camp (or met in real life), but I don’t. Remembering campers the second year is painful. I’d like to see you remember 200+ names and faces a year later, cause you never know who will come back, and you better say hello (the best is 4 years later – you don’t even recognize them).

I can’t imagine having God say this to me. But that is what he is going to say to those who are not ready and waiting for him. To those who go putz around all day, and those who continually focus on themselves instead of serving others. He will separate the sheep from the goats, and it will be horrible to be a goat.

Even Peter flops on this one when he denies Christ three times.

Reflecting on these thoughts, I am reminded of how I too deserve to be one of the condemned. But knowing the ending of the story it is even more astounding that He loves me anyway. Though I reject the love lavished upon me in every self absorbed action I do and word I say, I am forgiven and given another chance. Instead of saying “do I know you?” he will accept me with open arms. But it is no excuse to sit around and do nothing. The goal is to share the gospel and to be ready when the time comes, just as Jesus was ready when the time of his death came.

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