Part of the Story (Matthew 1-2)

So many things stand out for me in this passage for various reasons (the primary one being we studied this book at camp last year). So…..I’m just going to go for it.

To be honest, when I sat down to read this, I thought I already knew what I would blog about. I love the genealogy of Christ that Matthew chooses to start out with because it reminds me of the stories behind so many of those names. However, reading it in conjunction with chapter 2 changed my interpretation a little bit.

Reading the two together made me focus less on the people (and the fact that women are actually mentioned) in the genealogy, and more on the obvious hand God had in the birth of Jesus. Everything happened so perfectly. I’m not saying being a displaced person, emigrating to Egypt, the death of many children, being related to “outsiders” and being labeled as an “illegitimate child” screams perfect to me, but it was perfect in that God worked everything out according to plan. It’s like when you’re reading a  book, and in the last chapter all the little things you thought were unimportant or didn’t matter suddenly fit together in a master puzzle that lead to a fantastic ending.

The fulfillment of so many prophecies, as Matthew begins to point out in chapter 2, has just begun, and as Jesus lives his life he continues to confirm that he is indeed the Messiah. It just blows my mind that God had all these little details worked out, from having a place to have the baby, to directing the wise men through Herod which forced Jesus into Egypt, to having Jesus end up in Nazareth.

It reminds me that even though sometimes in my life the things happening may not make sense, the plan will work out “perfectly” in the end.

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