Be the Change

I was sitting reviewing for my midterm tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday. I don’t know why), and I noticed a tweet from the “Official Thousand Foot Krutch” feed. It wasn’t particularly a super life-changing one, because it was just the theme from their last album. They have a LOT of tweets like it, but this one just hit me. Probably because of the A. the song I was listening to, and B. the simplicity of the tweet.

@OfficialTFK: #bethechange

See? I told you it was simple. But it just resounded so much within me that I stopped studying to write this.

It is SO easy to look at people around us and condemn them for what they are doing. However, it is just as easy to sit around and talk about our thoughts, good intentions, and ideals on what we should be doing as Christians. But are you being the change you so desperately want to see?

I think this is appropriate for this time, because of these wonderful elections we have coming up. Living in Canada, I don’t get to vote (and neither does anyone else here, but does that stop everyone from following it? Oh no, sure does not). If we complain about how our country is falling apart, morals are going down the drain, this guy will be better than this guy because he endorses _____, _________, and _______. Who cares? Regardless of who you elect, your country is STILL going to be going on the same path! A country is made of its leader, yes, but it is also made of the people within it. The population as of July 2011 was 311,591,917. So, with super complicated math, if you subtract the one president and then make a ratio, you get this.


Yea. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that if you go out and try to change things you see that are wrong and investing in the lives of the population, the country might fare a little better. You can wait for the government to change things so they’re “right” or you can go out and Be the Change.

Being the Change requires action. Action requires doing something, not just sitting there talking about it. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not working to change things that I want to see fixed. I definitely fall into the “sitting around talking about things” type of people. But I also know that I can Be a Change that I want to see.

Do I know how? No. But I know that if I start taking steps towards this, I’ll get there eventually. Life is a process, is it not?

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